Top Accounting Software Packages Compared

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As the owner or employee of a business, one of your primary responsibilities and concerns is the management of accounts. You recognize the necessity of effectively and accurately recording, processing, and executing all account transactions within your company. This may include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, billing, general ledger, and other critical tasks and recordings. Therefore, choosing the right accounting software with the help of the best Brighton & Hove accountancy practice  to successfully meet your company’s needs is of utmost importance.

Fortunately, there are many software packages to choose from that will serve you and your business with ample functions that satisfy both your preferences and demands. Each accounting software package is unique in certain ways that we will discuss below. It’s important to note that there is a cost to accounting. The software you choose will not be free, but can be considered a worthwhile investment into the management of your company’s finances. Additionally, efficiently utilizing a software package can save your company the expense of contracting an accounting firm for basic accounting tasks that can be done in-house. Accountants in Brighton and beyond the UK utilize software like these to maintain accurate accounts as cost-effectively as possible.

Kashoo is the first accounting software package being compared. One of the main selling features of this online software is its ability to convert and manage multiple currencies within a single program. This feature is extremely relevant for global businesses or businesses with global clientele, employees, or divisions. Secondly, because the software is an online-based accounting solution, users are able to access the software and information from almost any mobile device. Along with many other features, Kashoo is a smart business choice because it is an easy-to-use software that will save your company both time and money. Kashoo offers a full range of functions, bank-level security, and collaborative abilities through the comprehensive accounting software package.

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The second viable option in accounting software is Xero. With a unique and intuitive interface design, this package contains the full spectrum of accounting functions necessary to run small businesses, as well as add-ons related to customer relationship management. Xero combines the effortless ability to collaborate with colleagues and share the most up-to-date accounting information with the compatibility of running on Windows and Mac OS, as well as mobile devices. For additional convenience, the software has the option to sync all business financial accounts to the program to inform users of bank feeds, recent transactions, and statements.

WorkingPoint is an inventive, all-in-one software package that delivers a comprehensive solution for small business owners. Not only is the interface easy to use, which will save time and money, but also, the price of the software is one of the most affordable in its class. Business owners and account managers can easily connect to company bank accounts to import data and create a seamless accounting platform for productivity and accuracy. Rather than switching between multiple windows and programs, WorkingPoint allows users to complete all necessary accounting functions – including bookkeeping, invoicing, taxes, expenses, and more – all in one place, while tracking the time spent on each task. The time tracking feature is especially useful for business owners to review and evaluate their employees’ work, as well as the total cost of their accounting processes.

Quickbooks by Intuit is one of the most recognizable brands in accounting software. While reducing a business’ overall cost of accounting, the software package is built to take the stress out of accounting with its five main function categories: vendors, customers, employees, company, and banking. Because Quickbooks is such a comprehensive program, there is quite a lot to understand for a business to use the software to its full capacity. Thankfully, Quickbooks provides users with a helpful Getting Started Guide to assist in the setup process and get businesses on the right track. With bank-level security and seamless, professional billing and invoices, Quickbooks is a go-to accounting software for a wide range of industries and businesses, because of its diverse functions and flexible options.

Lastly, FreshBooks is an innovative accounting software package utilizing cloud-based technology to offer your business to utmost seamless and secure accounting experience. The use of cloud-based technology allows businesses to access vital accounting information, updates, and transactions from virtually anywhere at anytime. While the technology is still new to the accounting world, FreshBooks guarantees your information to be safe and accurate with frequent updates and backups to insure data is synched at all times. With “simple and friendly” functions, a small service-based business owner can take the reigns on the accounting tasks without the pain of learning complicated software. If that isn’t enough, FreshBooks offers world-class customer support so first-time accountants can receive lighting-fast help at any time of the day.




For 35 years, COMPUTEX accompanied the Taiwan ICT industry in its central role in the global market in constant evolution. Taiwan has more than 2,000 individual businesses in the ICT sector, which team up with your favorite brands to create the finished product resulting in store. They are the reason why buyers from around the world visit COMPUTEX.

“I need … and I choose Windows” to “I like Windows’

According to a breakdown of international buyers according to their region of origin, issued by the other co-organizer, TAITRA, Asian buyers accounted for 76% of international visitors COMPUTEX Salon, followed by North Americans (10.6%) and European (7%). These figures show that this show is the ideal platform for international exhibitors wishing to enter the Asian market. According to Mr. Chang, Deputy Secretary General of Taipei Computer Association – one of the co-organizers of COMPUTEX Salon – there are about 1,000 Taiwanese businesses in the ICT sector who participate only in COMPUTEX lounge and take part in No other trade show; this is explained by the fact that it is mainly small and medium businesses, who see COMPUTEX a major export platform.

This year COMPUTEX hosted ASE, the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, and Haier, the largest consumer electronics manufacturer in the world. In addition, ARM Holding and BenQ participated as exhibitors at the Show for the first time. 15% growth in the number of buyers from China, 26% of those originating in the UAE and 19% of those from the Philippines!


The Fair attracted 38,550 international buyers from 165 countries. The top 10 participating nations were: Mainland China, Japan, the US, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Thailand and India. There was a significant increase in visitors from Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam (+ 120%, + 26% and + 79% in comparison with last year, respectively). According to estimates, the total number of visitors during the five days is expected to exceed 130,000. During the Fair, TAITRA has organized more than 4,000 inter-agency meetings, one-on-one to put buyers in direct contact with our exhibitors. 204 companies from 30 countries came to COMPUTEX Salon in search of industrial computers, order management systems, mobile devices, 3D printing products, memory chips and mobile phone accessories. Among the major buyers include in particular Best Buy and Best Buy Canada, Viasat, Staples Canada, Viglen, ASI Corp., MA Laboratories, Ulmart and Toshiba Europe.

Ideas meet innovation at COMPUTEX TAIPEI Show

The world of technology being gathered in Taipei for five days, more than 40 of our exhibitors have the opportunity to show us what the next quarter holds for us:

Acer offers a centralized platform 3-in-1 integrated

This year, Acer announced the expansion of its ecosystem BYOC (Build-Your-Own-Cloud) that he developed with 30 different partners from different levels of the ICT industry, such as Ubuntu and MediaTek. BYOC This ecosystem includes many objects connected with its smart center aBeing One, from the four priority areas of Acer Open Platform that are connected cars, communication, health care and intelligent home.

Intel: stronger, faster, smarter, better

Celebrating 50 years of innovation, Intel launched the 5th generation of mobile processors Intel Core on his e21 Forum, as well as 10 different models of desktop and notebook processors, some of which incorporated the Iris Pro graphics processors Intel Graphics.

Microsoft woos users with Windows 10

The technology giant has provided a glimpse of its Windows 10 operating system, to be launched worldwide on July 29 and will transform the users, who will pass the phase “I need … and I choose Windows” to “j ‘like Windows. ”

In the meantime. . .

  • Acer goes into high gear with a monitor 34 inch curved G-Sync technology integrated NVIDIA
  • ARM connects users to the Internet of Things with its Cortex-M processors
  • The laptop MSI GT72 gaming lets you play virtually hands-free through technology Tobii eye-tracking
  • MediaTek announced the octa-core processor Helio P10.
  • Connect users through CPX FORUMS

More than 100 forums and seminars were organized during the 5 days, the four highlights are represented by the Summit Forum, the Forum on mobile technologies, the Smart Cities Forum and the Forum on the Safety of Cloud. At the Forum Summit, Stan Shih, Founder & President of Acer, made a presentation on “Internet of things” and how the BYOC platform Acer puts people at the heart of networks of IoT and BIO. The forum on mobile technologies has questioned the usefulness of mobile devices.



ICT Valley Is Turning Itself Into IOT Valley


3 years after its creation in Labège (near Toulouse, France), ICT Valley is turning itself into IOT Valley. With its expertise in the field of connected objects, carried by the aura of iconic startups (Intensens, Axible Technologies, Connit, SigFox, etc) and international ambition, its specialization is evident. Even if it is anchored and recognized in the field of the Internet of Things, IOT Valley is not intended just as a showcase of good practices and expertise in a single pool. They aspire to be like Silicon Valley or one of London’s tech city, which boasts of a plethora of innovative tech companies and trustworthy IT support companies to match. The ambition is to become also involved in the movement to which it is bound.

Within the IOT Valley, it is appropriate to take the example of Intensens, a startup specializing in the maintenance connected, providing remote monitoring of machines and infrastructure solutions by providing relevant indicators. Through this proof of success, startup has developed its activity with the help of experts SigFox, accelerator IOT Valley and connections made with a great partner group SNCF. SigFox has recently announced the launch of a foundation, a project that will be led by Marion Moreau.

Beyond the name change, IOT Valley also announces the launch of Connected Camp, modeled after the IT support services in Shoreditch, its accelerator startup specializing in the connected devices industry, in partnership with the inevitable SigFox and major regional industry groups. The project was born following the finding that it became necessary to connect startups and large companies, created to meet the needs and issues related to the Internet of Things. The proposed program runs for a period of 8 months and is expected to move from a simple prototype to industrial scale prototype with B2B contacts at the exit of the incubation period. Startups will have access to a laboratory and will be surrounded by experts in both business and technical.

New ANRT Survey In Morocco Shows Progress In IT


The new survey of the ANRT on the use of IT in Morocco for 2014 highlights the progress of mobility.

Mobility. This is the word that sums up the investigation of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) concerning the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in Morocco in 2014. Another finding this desire for mobility has a negative impact on fixed telephony and Internet access via ADSL. This survey was conducted on a sample of 1,820 individuals and households in 2014, 1 220 in urban and 600 in rural areas in the 16 administrative regions of Morocco.

Mobile Internet

The attraction of mobility is observable in the field of Internet connection. While Morocco has exceeded the symbolic threshold of 50% of online population (50.4%) we find that most households prefer the kingdom of 3G mobile connection to ADSL connections. Indeed, the 3G connection has a penetration rate of 45.6% while the number of ADSL connections is 14.5%. Note that 63% of the unconnected households surveyed by the ANRT have expressed their intention to have a 3G Internet connection.

The Laptop is King

The desire for mobility of the Moroccan population is also visible when one focuses on the “computer park” of Morocco. The study shows that the ANRT laptops now represent 54.7% of the computers while tablets represent 14.8% of the same. Desktop computers represent 30.4% of the household computers in use. This trend is also confirmed among non-households equipped computer. Thus, 16.6% of households interviewed by the ANRT “expressed their intention to acquire a laptop in the next 12 months,” according to the agency. According to the ANRT, “12.7% of households opt for a tablet and only 8.2% for a desktop computer.”

The Abandoned Landline

The increase of mobility is also illustrated through telephones. For fixed telephone a decrease of two percentage points compared to 2013 and by 7 points from 2012 now represent 24% of the telephone park. Conversely, the rate of mobile phone equipment rose by 2 points and now stands at 94.4%. Note that 41% of non-equipped cell phone people say they intend to do so in the next year. Even in access to social networks. The mobile phone is the most used device for daily access to social networks. 45.2% of daily users of social networks, consult from their smartphones.

$5,000 Scholarship Now Made Available For Young African Women Interested In IT

group of african friends thumbs up closeup

A $5,000 scholarship is now available to encourage women and young African girls’ interest in information technology and other subjects in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This initiative is designed to make them assets of DCA Digital Academy, an organization that is planning to strengthen the knowledge and control of the internet in Africa through training programs.

This fund is assigned through a contest called “Miss Africa Initiative”, which intends to build in the long large numbers of girls and women Internet users on the continent, to involve them more in the development process. In an interview with SciDev.Net, Thomas Kamanzi, media officer at DCA Digital Academy, explains that “the Miss Africa program is mainly for girls from Africa to encourage them to rapidly adopt the use of technology to cultivate their empowerment and self-confidence. ” He also explained that participation in this competition is open to young women of the African continent, with the intention to help them develop their own initiatives that could increase their training and employment opportunities in the technology sector information.

Registration will open on 1 July and close on 15 November. Interested persons are invited to send their applications at: To apply, candidates must reside in an African country, submit applications in English and be aged at least 18 years.